About Us

Lauren Levitt & Associates is a talent agency with a focus on personal care and management.

Located in Vancouver, B.C., we represent principal and voice actors for the film, television, theatre, commercial, motion capture and voice over markets.

Representing some of the best talent in Canada, our clients are nominated year after year for their work in their respective fields. We pride ourselves on our smaller, but extremely hard working team, which has solidified our stance as one of the most reputable and respected agencies in Vancouver. We love to work for our clients and have been fortunate enough to represent and continue to represent hard working actors.

Many of our voice over actors have experience in both animation and commercial promotion, and within the animation markets, they are known in the industry as some of the best.

Our Team

Jamie Levitt


Jamie has been working as a talent agent for over 25 years. Born in Santa Monica, California Jamie credits her love of the business to the environment she was raised in. Family holidays and get togethers were centered around live theatre and movies since a young age. After picking up a BA at Arizona State in communications, she found love on a summer holiday in Vancouver, BC and moved shortly thereafter. Her first job in the industry under Donna Wong Juliani, Pam Brain and Lawrie Rotenberg was answering phones at The Talent Group in early 1990. Two weeks into the job, she announced to her family, “I have found what I want to do with the rest of my life”. Starting at the bottom Jamie floated to the top in the 90’s as Vancouver started to flourish; so did Jamie. From The Talent Group, Jamie moved agencies until she formed Lauren Levitt & Associates Inc. in 1999. In the early 1990’s Jamie was on the forefront of taking CDN voice actors to Los Angeles when she started the campaign “Look North” with top talent in Vancouver. Those relationships remain to this day. Jamie has negotiated contracts/options for clients in theatre to television series and features shooting as far as Japan, Spain, New Zealand and the UK. Having the pleasure of representing actors from around the globe, Jamie lives and works in Vancouver and works hand in hand with clients to develop and guide them. Her relationships with casting, studios, talent agencies, broadcasters, producers in voice and film/television are long lasting. She is known as caring, detail-oriented, full of integrity and an excellent negotiator. Personally Jamie credits herself with one great husband of almost 25 years, two daughters and four animals. LLA is founded the on the principal of integrity and “family first”. Clients and casting alike share their lives with her and she with them.

Harrison McTavish

Born in Ottawa, Hometown Saskatoon. Harrison holds three degrees from the U of S and uses none of them. However, his several classes in acting and computer science have proven to be more valuable than just grade boosters in his current employment. A Jack of all trades, not to be confused with Jack who simply just trades… He has been A Cook, A Collector, A candlestick Maker (First job was at Winners/Homesense, but that didn’t rhyme), A Financier, Engineer, an Oil & Gas Entrepeneer… “But if you find something you are Great at and mix it with what something you are passionate about, 10 years can feel like 10 minutes.” And that is why Harrison represents some of the best and brightest actors in Vancouver for Film, TV, Mo-Cap, Commercials and Voice. In his free time he Dads hard, plays hockey and reminisces of the times he used to shred wake behind the boat.

Jack Dean

Born and raised in the city of Chester, UK. Jack moved to Vancouver in 2012 with nothing but a suitcase, wide eyes and big dreams. He fulfilled those dreams when he worked as a collections agent in his first 6 months. With his soul finally nourished he switched back to his previous career of Banking and Finance where he spent the next few years. Jack was then offered the amazing opportunity to learn from one of the best in the business in Jamie Levitt…… he said no, a decision which left him with a gut feeling of “I may regret that”, so when the opportunity presented itself to him again 3 years later he grasped it with both hands. Jack has used the knowledge passed onto him by Jamie and his ongoing experience of handling the LLA voice roster to grow his own roster of successful clients. Outside of work, Jack can be found being a dad, binging whatever the latest adult animated series may be and maybe kicking a ball around.

One last thing, if you are ever in the UK visit Chester, it’s beautiful.


What our clients say about our work


What our clients say about our work